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I was very lucky in that I grew up in a "doggie" family.  My mother showed Weimaraners when I was young and I was learning to stack dogs and show my own by the time I was 5.
When we moved out to a farm we started showing horses (Morgans) instead of dogs.  My mom fell in love with the Doberman breed and we always had at least one around and a few wonderful mixed breeds as well.

My breeding philosphy.

When I was showing Morgans I sat and studied ringside and decided what I like or didn't like in a horse or the way it moved.  I also learned what I really like or disliked in a trainer.  I've used that same idea with German Shepherds.  I know what I like despite what the "trendy" thing may be at the time. 
I do not want an "over-the-top" dog that I can't live with in the house.  They must be able to socialize with people yet turn on when it's time to turn on.  I still go to horse shows so I want a dog that is stable around other animals and kids but will dissuade strangers from even thinking about touching our stuff or ourselves. 
With this in mind, I've decided to stay with predominately West German and Belgium dogs.  I've found them easy to work with and easy to live with.  This is of course, just my opinion and you'll hear different things from different breeders.  We all have our preferences and none of them are wrong or right.  It's up to you, the puppy or adult dog purchaser that has to decide what YOU like in a dog!

A small but quality German Shepherd breeder.